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Sheriff Dar Leaf Wiki – Biography

Sheriff Dar Leaf, from Barry County, Michigan, on Thursday appeared to defend the right-wing Wolverine Watchmen militia members charged with a plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer and create unrest.

Sheriff Dar Leaf, in an interview with Fox 17 West Michigan, said that the militia may have been trying to make a citizen’s arrest of Whitmer for her COVID-19 lockdown policies, adding, “a lot of people are angry with the governor.”

Sheriff Dar Leaf Age

Sheriff Dar Leaf’s age is unknown.

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Charged & Arrested

Leaf also appeared onstage, speaking with William Null, one of the suspects who is now facing state terrorism charges, at a May anti-lockdown rally, and told the outlet he did not regret it.

Dar told Fox 17’s Aaron Parseghian that he was “shocked” to see the charges against the Wolverine Watchmen, some of whom he personally knows, and has shared a stage with during spring protests against Whitmer’s stay-at-home orders in the state.

“I did not see this coming from those guys, but still, we can’t convict them in the news media here,” Leaf said. “They have a right to a fair trial.”

Then, Leaf appeared to defend the militia, suggesting what they were planning could have been a lawful citizen’s arrest. It was unclear what felony Leaf was suggesting Whitmer may have committed.

“It’s just a charge, and they say a plot to kidnap, but you have to remember that, are they trying to kidnap?” Leaf said. “Cause a lot of people are angry with the governor and they want her arrested. So, are they trying to arrest or was it a kidnap attempt? Because you still can, in Michigan, if it’s a felony, make a felony arrest.”

Leaf went on to cite a part of Michigan’s criminal code that he claimed allows for citizen arrest.

“I think it’s MCO 764.4 or something like that, .5, somewhere around there,” Leaf said. “It doesn’t say if you’re in elected office you’re exempt from that arrest. So, I have to look at it from that angle and I’m hoping that’s more what it is.”

Heavy left a message for Leaf requesting further comment but did not immediately receive a response.