Who is Stephanie Rapkin? Wiki, Biography, Age, Arrested, Twitter

Who is Stephanie Rapkin? Wiki, Biography, Age, Arrested, Twitter, Instagram, Net Worth

Stephanie Rapkin Wiki – Stephanie Rapkin Biography

White Wisconsin lawyer Stephanie Rapkin arrested for spitting at black teen protester – and again after being caught in another video pushing a student who was writing protest messages outside her house, says the report.

Stephanie Rapkin Age

She is 64 years old.

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Anti-Racism Rally in Shorewood

In the first case, Stephanie Rapkin appeared on Saturday at an anti-racism rally in Shorewood, parking her car on the street to block the march, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. When protesters told her to change vehicles, she spits on 17-year-old Eric Patrick Lucas III, who helped organize the event, the report said.

Stephanie Rapkin Admitted

She was admitted to Milwaukee County jail on Sunday and faces charges of assault and disorderly conduct, but community leaders called for firmer action – including being deported and charged hate crime. His deposit was fixed at $ 950. “I’m still mentally and physically shaken. Being assaulted by an adult in my own community during a pandemic was traumatic, “said Lucas, according to the Sentinel Journal. Again and again, I am not seen as a child, but as a color, ”he added.

Video by Cell Phone

Rapkin was later caught on video by cell phone during a fight with a 21-year-old student from Ithaca College who was writing chalked protest messages on the sidewalk outside his home, the newspaper reported. “Be better than that” and “I spit on a child. How dare you!” Friedman wrote, among other messages, the agency said. Shorewood resident Debra Brehmer posted footage of Rapkin confronting her son Joe Friedman and several others who joined him on Sunday. Friedman, who was holding the camera, captured his discussion of the incident.
“You spit on a child,” he says. “You are incredibly stupid, it’s not funny,” says Rapkin. “I spat on a man who attacked me.” “He didn’t attack you. How did he attack you? Said Friedman. She then approaches Friedman, saying, “I said I was sorry, but when someone comes to you like this” – and seems to push the boy in the chest. “I explain how it happened!” she says.“You just got hold of me,” said Friedman in response. “This is an assault. Wow, I just put this on video, ma’am. ” “You are crazy -” he adds when his mother says they are going to call the police.

Stephanie Rapkin kicked a groin policeman

While arrested during the incident, Rapkin kicked a groin policeman, officials said.“The victim in today’s incident reported that he was demonstrating peacefully on the sidewalk in front of the suspect’s house when the suspect left and engaged in a verbal fight with the protesters,” said the police in a statement.“The victim reported that the suspect hit the victim’s chest with both hands and physically pushed him,” they added. Police lay charges of assault, disorderly conduct, assault on a police officer, and resistance/obstruction to a police officer.

Michael Maistelman

Michael Maistelman, an electoral law attorney, has filed a lawsuit with the state attorney’s regulatory office, asking him to investigate Rapkin for possible professional misconduct, the newspaper reported. Meanwhile, Shorewood school principal Bryan Davis denounced Rapkin’s behavior and congratulated Lucas and the other organizers of the protest. The incident “exposed the horrible and overt racism that still exists in our community” and was “a terrible manifestation of racial hatred,” Davis told the Sentinel Journal. He asked the Milwaukee County prosecutor to also charge Rapkin with a hate crime because his behavior was more than disorderly conduct – it was “racial hatred intended to stop a peaceful protest”. “If we, as Milwaukee County, are going to treat racism as a crisis, we need to make sure that law enforcement and our criminal justice system look at these types of incidents from a racist perspective,” said a- he declared.

Urszula Tempska

Urszula Tempska, Rapkin’s neighbor, said on Monday that she thought the lawyer had acted in fear by leaving the car on the street, unaware that her shopping route would put her on the road to a demonstration. “I understand why everyone decided that she was a conscientious racist” and “came to the conclusion that she was there to stop the demonstration,” Tempska told the newspaper.

She said that, from conversations she had had with Rapkin over 15 years ago, she thought the suspect “was not a conscious racist”.