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Tina Tintor
Tina Tintor

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Tina Tintor, community support for Tintor, the woman has died. Now a monument is growing where the accident took place. A few blocks north of where the accident occurred, at Tintor’s house, people were bringing flowers and candles. They sent their condolences to her family.

“He’s a soccer player. He thinks he can go as fast as he wants and do whatever he wants,” said Margaret Orozzo, who lives in the neighborhood. “I didn’t think he would be a neighbor,” said Margaret Orozzo. “He’s close. .. very close to home. “Margaret and Maria Orozco live close to the deceased’s family.” When we found out that she was a female with her dog, now we find out that she lives here … it’s sad, “said Margaret Orozzo.” It is a loss for them, it is a loss, ”said Maria Orozzo.


Tintor has died at the age of 23-years-old.

Car Crash Mourned & Death Cause

Community support came for Tintor, the woman who died Tuesday, November 2, in a fatal car accident involving former Raider Henry Ruggs III. Now a monument is growing where the accident took place.

Tina Tintor received support online when social media users took to Twitter to express her grief over her death and her anger at Ruggs. “Tina is not dead because someone made a” mistake. “Tina is dead because someone drank TOO MUCH, made a conscious decision to drive drunk, and then proceeded to drive over 150 MPH to show off to a woman. The family files a civil lawsuit her against. RIP Tina Tintor, “wrote one user. “RIP Tina Tintor (and the dog). You definitely didn’t deserve to go so early and in such a horrible way. Taken too early for an idiot,” wrote another.

“Tina Tintor. RIP. Simply an incredible, disgusting and avoidable tragedy. A horrible decision ended her life and ruined many others,” wrote one user, while another wrote: “No. You don’t get a pass when you take people to live I’m sure he knows he made a mistake, it doesn’t change the fact that Tina Tintor is gone and it’s her fault. You don’t get a pass when you’re willing to drive 2 times the limit to impress a girl and go 156 mph “. “RIP Tina Tintor. This was a preventable tragedy. I can’t even imagine what it was like for viewers to hear her scream and burn. Just imagining that phrase is jfc traumatizing,” said one user.

Henry Ruggs III narrowly escaped a fatal car accident on Tuesday morning, November 2. The accident resulted in one death, a woman, and Ruggs and his passenger were injured. Following the fatal accident near Rainbow Boulevard and Spring Valley Parkway, Ruggs faces DUI counts and reckless driving. Later that night, the Las Vegas Raiders announced that they had released Ruggs.

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When the accident occurred, Ruggs was driving a Chevrolet Corvette at “high speed” north on Rainbow. Finally, he rear-ended a Toyota Rav4 pickup, which caught fire. The driver, a 23-year-old Las Vegas woman trapped in her seat, died. Police said 22-year-old Ruggs, who remained at the scene, showed signs of deterioration. He and a female passenger were injured in the accident.


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