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Tom Daley

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Tom Daley is a British diver and television personality. Specializing in multiple events, he is an Olympic gold medalist in the men’s synchronized 10-meter platform event at the 2020 Olympics and a double world champion in the FINA 10-meter platform event, winning in 2009 at the age of fifteen, and again in 2017. He is an Olympic bronze medalist in the 2012 platform event, 2016 synchronized event, and 2020 platform event. Daley also competes in team events, winning the inaugural mixed-team world title in 2015. He is five times champion of Europe and four times champion of the Commonwealth.

Daley began diving at the age of seven and is a member of the Plymouth Diving Club, where his talent was identified early and he had an impact on national and international competitions from the age of nine. He represented Great Britain at the 2008 Summer Olympics, where he was Britain’s youngest competitor, at age fourteen, and the youngest from any country to participate in a final.

In 2009, Daley achieved his career-best ranking as number one in the FINA World Aquatics Championship Diving Ranking for the 10-meter platform. He won two gold medals for England at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, in the 10m synchronized jump (with Max Brick) and in the 10m individual platform competition.


Tom Daley is 27-years-old.

Russian State TV Targeted Him

Channel Rossiya 1 aired a series of offensive insults against diving hero Daley during its coverage of the delayed Games. Russian state television launched a series of homophobic attacks focused on Daley, as well as transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard.

TV host Anatoly Kuzichev even wore a wig to poke fun at Hubbard and called trans people “psychopaths” and said they needed psychiatric treatment. The channel used various talk shows to speak offensively about LBGT athletes at the Games, using words like “abomination” and “perversion.”

And in response, Daley, 27, said: “I had no idea. When we are at the Olympics, we are in a bubble and we don’t really see anything.

“History shows that all that society is has been dictated by the heterosexual experience of the white man. If we could come together and use different points of view, the world would be a better place. ”A spokesman for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) told the BBC that they were contacting the Russian broadcaster to express their concerns.

Daley, who won gold in the 10-meter synchronized jump and bronze in the singles event, added: “There is still a lot to do. If we could come together and use different points of view, the world would be a better place. “There are 10 countries competing in these Olympics where being LGBT is punishable by death. “I feel very fortunate to represent Team GB, to be able to be on the springboard like me, with a husband and son, and not have to worry about the ramifications.

“There are many people growing up all over the world in less fortunate situations. “I just hope that seeing athletes ‘out there’ helps people feel less alone, valued, that they can achieve something.” When she was little, I always knew she was different. I always heard people say bad things.

“You never feel like you can say anything. You swallow yourself and feel like you’re never going to be anyone. “It takes a lot to talk openly. It can be quite overwhelming and scary for people. Especially in sports where the fans may not be as receptive. I didn’t realize the impact I would have on people all over the world who live like me. I’m very proud of that. ”

LGBT rights groups say homophobia is rife in Russia and attacks have skyrocketed under the presidential government of Vladimir Putin since 2012. Sexual activity between gay people was decriminalized in 1993 and homosexuality was declassified as a mental illness in 1999 But gay couples are not eligible for the legal protections offered to heterosexuals in Russia. And same-sex marriages remain illegal, with Putin previously declaring that it was his “duty” to prevent them from “strengthening families.”

10m Platform Diving In Final Tokyo Olympics

The 27-year-old was in a three-way fight for gold, but Chinese couple Cao Yuan and Yang Jian were in impressive form and took the top two places respectively. Daley ended a long wait for gold alongside Matty Lee in a nerve-racking men’s 10-meter synchronized platform final last week.

He looked relaxed and focused during this final and celebrated poolside after securing a fourth Olympic medal, a third bronze, in his fourth Games. “I am so happy that these Olympics have gone the way they have,” Daley told BBC Sport. “I feel like I’m a different athlete and finally getting here … “I always dreamed that I would, but if someone told me I was going to win a gold and a bronze, I would have laughed in their faces!

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“I want to thank everyone at home enormously, in particular my husband Lance. He has been my rock, he has put up with me and sacrificed so much. “I wish my dad was here to have seen me at these Olympics, winning two medals. He’d be jumping, he’d probably be in the pool by now! I’m so overwhelmed with all the love and support at home. “I’m going to take a break from diving. I feel better, better and my body is fine, so … we’ll see.”

Cao, 26, becomes the first athlete to win Olympic gold in three different diving events, also in the synchronized 10-meter event in London and the individual 3-meter event in Rio.

But the Chinese pair needed to produce near-perfect performances to surpass Daley, who got off to a brilliant start and led after three rounds. A small mistake on his fourth dive ultimately proved costly, but Daley received applause from his competitors in the fifth round before two impressive finishes from Cao and Yang ensured they remained on top of the podium.

Daley was relieved when he waved at the camera, yelled a message to those at home, and hugged his coach at the end of the event. He concludes a memorable Games for the Brit, who showed great excitement when he won gold alongside Lee last week and promised to enjoy his last performance in Tokyo.

Daley’s Memorable Games End In Glory

Daley’s Olympic dream began at the age of 11 when he told BBC Sport that he wanted to win gold. Sixteen years later, his ambition was finally fulfilled when he and Lee secured the title of the 10-meter synchronized platform. Tears welled up in his eyes during the medal ceremony and he was overwhelmed in interviews when it seemed the pressure had been released. Daley was world champion at age 15 and twice won the Olympic bronze before adding the latter in Japan. But he has overcome struggles outside of the pool. He was bullied at school, his father died in 2011 and Daley revealed his sexuality in 2013.

Now he is a father himself, Britain’s most decorated diver, and one of the highest-profile gay athletes in the sport, making him a role model for others in the LGBTQ + community. Daley has taken all of that in stride in Tokyo and has been able to have fun in a way that British audiences haven’t always seen. Television cameras caught him knitting during the women’s 10-foot springboard final, which caused a stir on social media, and a few days later he revealed his masterpiece … an Olympic-themed wool sweater. Daley brought that laid-back mentality to this 10-meter platform final and was smiling and waving between dives. His latest achievements add to his legacy, but he may leave Tokyo as an Olympic champion for the first time and finish on top.