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Tom Sharkey
Tom Sharkey

Tom Sharkey Wiki – Biography

Tom Sharkey, the husband of deceased social media influencer Alexis Sharkey, says he’s been receiving death threats and pushed back at reports their marriage was unhappy, according to ABC13.

Tom Sharkey spoke to our Steve Campion about his wife in a phone conversation Tuesday. Sharkey sounded very upset and emotionally distraught. He said he’s been struggling very hard.

Tom Sharkey Age

Tom Sharkey’s age is unknown.

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Wife & Children

Sharkey’s husband also fired back at critics on his Facebook page after her body was found. He’s filled his Facebook page with many collages of pictures showing his wife and has written many posts about his love for her.

He wrote:

I just want to say this! While some of you were posting on social media helping us locate my world! And we appreciate all your help, Love and support! Others were waisting time talking about other things. Basically crap talk! And if my wife would of seen this she would be disappointed in your actions! You all should be ashamed of yourselves! I have been assisting the deputies and making phone calls to fine out what happened to my wife. Next time…. stop and think! And realize! You don’t know it all!

He shared a collage of photos of Sharkey and implored, “Baby….. please give me strength. Do you remember when we talked and joked about getting old. And I said… that’s the one thing you would never beat me at. And we laughed so hard because your so competitive.❤️”

On November 29, he wrote, “Baby….. please give me strength. Do you remember when we talked and joked about getting old. And I said… that’s the one thing you would never beat me at. And we laughed so hard because your so competitive.❤️”

With a photo of Sharkey in a wedding dress, he wrote, “You made life so incredible! Made sense of my existence! My purpose! And showed me how to truly love!”

In an emotional post on November 28, Robinault said her daughter was last seen in Houston, Texas, where she had lived since January.

“Please share this post!!! My daughter, Alexis Sharkey, is missing!!” she wrote before Sharkey’s body was found.

“No one has heard from her for over 24 hours and the police are involved. She has lived in Houston Texas since January and that was where she was last seen. Please help us find her and bring her home safely!! We are so very desperate!!! Please share!!”

Sharkey shared photos of herself with her husband on Facebook. One post shows them dressed up as Vikings for Halloween. On Facebook, her husband says he is a consultant at West Texas, a Facebook page that describes its mission as “to provide information relevant to West Texas regarding travel, culture and life.”

The couple married last December, according to an announcement of their marriage in The Daily Sentinel that reads, “Thomas James Sharkey III and Alexis Leigh Robinault, Dec. 20.”

He also wrote that he “studied at the School of Hard Knocks” and was from Fort Myers, Florida. His Facebook page is filled with bodybuilding pictures.

Days before his wife went missing, he wrote, “When a person looses all they consider everything in their life! And they are at their own personal rock bottom! It’s then, when you see who they Truly are and choose to be! Life hits hard! HIT HARDER!!!
This is a message for a friend. NOW! Get up! Rub some dirt in it! I know who you are!!! Now show me!!!”

He frequently shares conservative political views on Facebook. He wrote with one video of Biden, “Yea! Great choice! Do your research! This is a bad decision America!” He also posted about COVID-19 possibly being a rumor.

He posted about the couple’s wedding on Instagram, writing, “Couldn’t imagine my life any other way! 2020 Here we come! Adventures ahead!”

Tom Sharkey spoke by telephone with Steve Campion, a reporter with KTRK-TV. According to ABC7, Sharkey pushed back at reports that the marriage was unhappy and said the couple wasn’t filing for divorce. He said that Alexis wasn’t the happy persona she appeared on social media, where she was an Instagram influencer. Friends have told local news outlets that there were problems in the marriage, according to KHOU-TV.
“She wasn’t happy. She was stressed,” he told KTRK. “I would cuddle her to try to make her strong. She was an amazing woman. Sir, my wife was an amazing woman. She really was. There’s always other sides to everything. I was the one holding her, cuddling her, and building her back up. I don’t need to set the record straight. I’ll let it play out the way it is. I know what my life was with my wife.”

He said that he had looked for her while she was missing, eventually realizing she was at the coroner’s office.

Alexis Sharkey Death

Alexis Sharkey was a 26-year-old Houston, Texas, woman who has been found dead after initially vanishing without a trace on Friday, November 27. She was an Instagram influencer and worked as a hair and skin care consultant, and her loved ones launched a determined search to find her. “My world! My everything! I’m so lost right now! My one and only!” her husband, Tom Sharkey, 49, wrote on Facebook after news of her death was confirmed. She and her husband had been married for less than a year.

In the interview, Sharkey told Campion that he’s been receiving threats.

“It’s horrible. People are talking tons of crap. I’m getting death threats and stuff. None of that bothers me. What bothers me is that world and everybody in it focuses on all of the stuff that doesn’t matter … should have been focused on finding my wife,” said Sharkey to the television reporter. “Everybody was still looking for her, and I located her Sunday morning in the coroner’s office. They couldn’t ID my wife. They didn’t know who she was. She was just there.”

He also gave some details of the last time he saw his wife and said he’s cooperating with homicide investigators.

“She understood me. I understood her. We didn’t fight when she left. I just told her she couldn’t drive under the influence,” said Sharkey. “She left anyhow. This is where we’re at,” he told Campion.

Sharkey’s mother, Stacey Clark Robinault, a Pennsylvania teacher, has also been vocal in the media. She first gave interviews about her daughter being missing.

Sharkey was found dead on Saturday by a city worker. Jodi Silva, Houston Police spokesperson, confirmed to Heavy on November 30 the body of a naked woman found in the 1000 block of Red Haw, near the Katy Freeway and Eldridge Parkway, was that of Sharkey.

Asked whether foul play is suspected, Silva said that’s unclear. “The cause of death and investigation are pending autopsy results,” she said. “She was found with no trauma to the body so cause of death will be pending.” ABC13 reported that the woman’s body was spotted by the city worker because her feet were sticking out of the bushes on the side of the road.

“Houston police have learned the identity of a deceased female found at 1000 Red Haw Lane about 8:30 a.m. on Saturday (November 28),” a Houston police news release says. It uses her maiden name. “The female has been identified as Alexis Leigh Robinault by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.”

The release says that two homicide division detectives reported that Houston Fire Department paramedics advised Houston police officers of a female found dead at the above address. She was found along the side of the road and had no visible wounds. The cause of death is pending an autopsy by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. Anyone with information in this case is urged to contact the HPD Homicide Division at 713-308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.”

Her mother told ABC13 in an interview that Sharkey loved travel, was bright, and “had so much to offer” and was “just snuffed out. And I don’t know why. The horrific nature of her last moments, I can’t even go there. I do believe she was murdered, yes.” She said that was based in part on “a mother’s gut.”

The family told local television that Sharkey was last seen on Friday, November 27. Alexis is also known as “Lexis” or “Lex.”