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Vera Mekuli
Vera Mekuli

Vera Mekuli Biography – Wiki

Vera Mekuli was named as the New York Police Department officer who was the woman who gave a married lieutenant a lap dance in a video that has gone viral.

That’s according to The New York Post, which named the lieutenant in the video as Nick McGarry. The incident took place at a Yonkers tavern and has sparked controversy, according to The New York Post.

She lives in the Bronx in New York, according to online records.


Vera Mekuli is 26-years-old.

Mekuli Once Worked as a Real Estate Agent

A now-deleted LinkedIn page cache says Mekuli worked as a real estate agent at two different companies before becoming a police officer.

He has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice/police science from John Jay College and is from the Bronx.

She doesn’t have any other obvious social media pages.

McGarry’s Wife Was Enraged by the Media Coverage

The New York Post tried to talk to McGarry’s wife and it didn’t work out.

The Post reported that a “red-faced lieutenant Nick McGarry had to physically restrain his irate wife outside his home in New Windsor in Orange County” when the Post inquired about the video.

“Fuck you!” McGarry’s wife, Melissa McGarry, told The Post as her husband said: “It’s not worth it, he gets back in the car.”

“There are other things to worry about in this world!” the wife told The Post, which reported that she repeatedly yelled an expletive at the journalist.

The Video Shows Mekuli Grinding in McGarry’s Lap

The video of the Christmas party, which you can view here, shows Mekuli grinding on McGarry’s lap as other people gather around, some in Christmas sweaters.

The Daily Mail reported that McGarry, who worked in the 44th Precinct and has worked for the NYPD since 2010, was reassigned “to serve Transit District 12 in the Bronx” as a result of the video.

He made $ 188,000 last year, according to 50-a-org. That site describes him as a “Lieutenant in Precinct 44 since April 2021” who “also served in: Uniformed Promotions Training Unit, Precinct 48.

Mekuli has not been disciplined; McGarry ranks higher than her.

Mekuli’s Father Says She Made a ‘Mistake

The Post also spoke with Mekuli’s father.

“She told me, ‘Dad, I made a mistake. I am very ashamed of what I did. I embarrassed you and my family, ‘” the article reads.

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The father said she cried over the situation and blamed McGarry.

“She cried and cried,” the father told The Post. “She is young. … She is married, Lieutenant. You should know better. I am going to sue you.”

Mekuli Called Herself ‘Highly Motivated’ on LinkedIn

Mekuli’s LinkedIn page is now removed. However, The New York Post reported that she called herself a “very motivated and determined person.”

“I tend to go after what I want and don’t stop until I get it. If I’m going to fail. I get up and try again, ”said her LinkedIn bio of hers, according to The Post.

“Success does not come without failure. I learned at a very young age that success, wealth, and opportunity are not simply given or given to you, they are earned; earned through hard work and time. I have tackled all the tasks, all the obstacles that came my way. I like to help others and I always put others before myself. ”