Who is Andres Pena Meneses ( Fortune teller who ‘conned woman out of £36,500’ didn’t see arrest coming ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

A fortune teller Andres Pena Meneses should have expected to be arrested after allegedly cheating on a woman out of £ 36,500.

Andres Pena Meneses Age

Andres Pena Meneses, 31, of Riverside, California, is accused of cheating on the woman by claiming he could cure her of parasites and a family curse.

The Colombian citizen has a criminal record for pretending to be a false “faith healer” and is said to have advertised his fortune-telling business under the name of “Carlos”.

Police said a woman went to Meneses to have her fortune read and was told she had parasites that “Carlos” could remove for hundreds of dollars.

Meneses then allegedly contacted the woman again, saying her family was cursed and her children were in danger.

“Through his pretense, the victim” Carlos “paid over $ 50,000,” said the police.

His home in east Los Angeles was searched and officials found cash along with “a voodoo doll, tarot cards, altars, religious and satanic items, and a small live pet python used as part of the scam.”

Customers at the store told investigators that “Carlos” had told them to bring their mattresses from home.

They said Meneses and his staff cut open the mattress and claim they found the living snake inside with demonic items and letters in which the victims’ families were in danger.

Police were also told that Meneses advertised his services on the radio, claiming he could cure diseases such as diabetes, headaches, insomnia and nightmares.

“Detectives believe there are many more victims and that the Spanish-speaking community has been targeted,” added a police spokesman.