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Heather Mack, the young American who helped her boyfriend kill her mother while on vacation in Bali, Indonesia, in 2014, was arrested by the FBI when she returned to the United States for the first time in seven years on Wednesday, Forbes, Fox and the Associated Press report.

In 2017, while 26-year-old Mack and her ex-boyfriend Tommy Schaefer were in jail in Indonesia, they were charged by the US Federal Court in Chicago with conspiracy to murder Mack’s mother, the Chicago celebrity. von Wiese-Mack, 2014 in a luxury hotel in Bali. The couple then stuffed the victim’s body into a suitcase they’d left behind in a taxi, earning Mack the nickname “Baggage Killer” on average.

The federal indictment opened Wednesday morning to uncover the allegations and then quickly closed in a federal court in Chicago, Associated Press, WGN 9 News and Fox News reported.

Heather Mack and Schaefer were convicted of the murder of their mother in Indonesia in 2015. During the trial of the couple, Schaefer confessed to the murder and admitted to having repeatedly hit von Wiese-Mack with a metal fruit bowl.

Heather Mack, who was pregnant with Schäfer’s baby during her 2015 trial, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for helping Schäfer kill his mother. He was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

In August, after serving nearly seven years of his sentence, Mack was released from Kerobokan Prison in Indonesia for good conduct, Mack’s American attorney Vanessa Favia told People at the time. The BBC reports that reductions in sentences are common in Indonesia.

Mack was deported to the United States on Tuesday. Accompanied by US federal agencies, she and her daughter Stella returned to Chicago and landed at O’Hare Airport on Wednesday.

Before Mack left Indonesia on Sunday, his Indonesian attorney Yulius Benyamin Seran People emailed that he was dying to go home.

“Heather has already served her sentence and is now starting her new life,” wrote Seran.

“He has learned a lot about life in prison and will dedicate his life to his daughter Stella,” he wrote. “From Bali, I want [the] government of Chicago to protect [the] innocent girl Stella and guarantee Stella the right to … a normal life,” like any child.

Suspect Confessed

In the trial against the couple, Schäfer confessed to the murder.

He claimed that when von Wiese-Mack found out Mack was pregnant he got angry and threatened to kill the couple’s unborn baby and then tried to strangle them for almost 30 seconds.

After the murder, the Wiese-Mack couple packed the body into a suitcase and, hours later, stowed the suitcase in the trunk of a taxi in front of the St. Regis Bali Resort. Then they fled.

The driver alerted the police after noticing blood loss in the luggage.

Mack gave birth to her daughter in 2015 while she was behind bars. The girl was allowed to live in prison with Mack for up to 2 years. Mack handed Stella over to a woman living in Bali who became friends with Mack after his arrest.

Mack’s veteran attorney Brian Claypool said in a statement to People that he would argue that US officials are “guilty of planning a double case” and that they intend to fight the charges.

He is also concerned about Mack’s daughter, saying in the statement that he is “concerned that Stella will end up being a pawn in this international legal scandal”.

The Chicago Tribune reports that a Cook County probate judge issued an emergency order Tuesday designating family attorney Vanessa Favia as Stella’s temporary guardian.

The girl’s paternal grandmother, Kia Walker, wants Stella’s guardianship and will apply for custody, reports ABC 7. The point of sale reports that Walker arrived at the airport hoping to see Stella, but the girl was stolen from her.

The federal indictment filed in 2017 accuses Mack and Schaefer of three counts.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times and Associated Press report, they are charged not only with conspiracy to kill Wiese-Mack, but also with obstruction of justice.

They are also accused of destroying, maiming and hiding items in order to undermine preparation for an official prosecution “by carrying the body of [von Wiese-Mack] in a suitcase after it was murdered and abducted.