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Mario Padilla and his young cousin Samuel Ramírez killed his mother, Gina Castillo, 37, at her home in Lynwood, California, after she asked him to do some chores and punished him.

The two teenagers admitted they were obsessed with the Scream movie, one of which called the murders in the movie “cool”. Coming home from school, he said to a friend, “It was the perfect way to kill someone,” he told himself at that moment.

The two boys reportedly talked about actual murders as they planned to copy the one from the 1996 film.

According to witnesses

The children described their murder fantasies as “scream” or “destroy a scream”.

They even planned to purchase costumes and a voice warp box to detail the murders in the film, and called it “fury.”

And on January 13, 1998, Mario attacked mother from behind her while Samuel held her in his arms.

He stabbed her 45 times with at least four different knives.

The woman managed to call 911 for help and she said, “My son, he’s 16, he just stabbed me. I’m bleeding. Oh, I’m bleeding.

Although the films appeared to play a significant role in the incident, Judge John J. Cheroske banned any mention of the Scream or Scream 2 movies.

“The court orders all ‘screaming’ evidence to be excluded from this trial,” he said in a written ruling.

“The court decides that this case cannot be described as the ‘Scream’ murder case.”

Prior to sentencing, 17-year-old Mario Padilla released a statement to a surveillance officer saying that due to his exposure to horror from television and movies, “he fantasized about doing things I couldn’t do,” the Los Angeles reported. Times. .

The statement was read by the judge.

He said, “I’ve watched television since I was 7. It’s ironic that people say you shouldn’t let your kids watch TV at this age because it really hits them.”

Assistant District Attorney Carol Rose said in her opening remarks that Mario was angry with her mother for giving her homework and wanted to steal $ 150 that was meant for Ms. Castillo’s newborn daughter.

The Associated Press received the transcript of the 1998 preliminary hearing before Cheroske closed it, and it shows that prosecutors had already planned to make the trial a demonstration of the effects of cinematic violence on teenagers.

“There was a movie called ‘Scream’ that hit theaters and the evidence will show that Mario has seen the movie many times and has become a little obsessed with the movie and (his cousins) have been involved in a conspiracy to recreate. the murders in the film, “Rose said in her keynote address.

“After Scream came out and the guys saw it a couple of times, Scream 2 came out, a sequel, and there will be evidence that it was seen several times before the first murder was committed.”

According to prosecutors, the boys had planned to kill Mario’s mother and stepfather and then kill two local girls.

The girls had received threatening letters and phone calls.

The court also learned that a friend of the two boys, Aaron Hernández, was invited to participate in the murder shortly before Ms. Castillo’s death.

The teenager who met the duo at the local arcade said, “(Mario) said they were going to kill their mom because it was a perfect day for it.

“They asked me to participate. I said no.

The jury agreed that the boys were also planning to kill Padilla’s stepfather, Pedro Castillo, who was not at home at the time.

Mr. Castillo did not attend the trial, but Rose informed him of the verdict the next day.

“We’re both crying,” she said.

“It was torture for him. He never wanted to have more contact with his stepson, even though she raised him for 10 years.”

Mario was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment and Samuel received 45 years.

During the case, Madeline Levine, a psychologist who investigated the effects of violence on children, told CBS: “There were a number of reasons why you did this.

“But did the movie come up with a plan? Absolutely … you need a cat to copy. In this case, that cat is Scream.”