Who is Markeith Loyd ( Man, 46, found guilty of killing cop ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

A convicted murderer in Florida was convicted Wednesday after killing a police officer who tried to arrest him for the murder of his pregnant girlfriend.

Markeith Loyd, 46, was found guilty after a five-hour sentence. Loyd had shot and killed Orlando Police Lieutenant Debra Clayton outside of a Walmart on January 2017 as she attempted to arrest him for murdering his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon, 24, who he had killed weeks earlier.

He was found guilty of Dixon’s murder in October 2019.

However, Markeith Loyd has denied killing Clayton but was found guilty of his murder and attempted murder of another police officer at the scene, as well as theft of a car while attempting to escape.

On Saturday, the jury will decide whether Loyd faces the death penalty.

Before the verdict, the court heard testimony and the coroner in Loyd’s second murder trial on Wednesday.

The jury’s questions seemed to settle the debate over whether Loyd or Clayton was shot first the night she was killed.

Loyd’s defense attorney, Terence Lenamon, had claimed that Clayton fired first that night and that his client only responded in self-defense.

However, prosecutor Ryan Williams argued differently, stating that Clayton never shot, despite video evidence showing that he appeared to have reached out his arm to open fire.

“If you can see his outstretched arm in this video, you’ll have more strength,” Williams said.

“I want to tell you it is not very clear based on the quality of the video we have.”

Loyd tearfully denied Williams’ claims Tuesday after continuing to blame him for Clayton’s death.

Williams had said Loyd would kill any police officer who tried to arrest him for the murder of his girlfriend because he probably didn’t want to go back to prison.

He was previously released in 2014 after being convicted of assaulting an officer in 1998 and on parole at the time of his girlfriend’s murder.

It was rumored that Clayton intended to track down Loyd for the murder of his girlfriend and arrest him.

The prosecutor said Clayton could have survived the three blows he received on the thigh, hip and stomach if he had not returned to deal the final blow to the neck.

“Debra Clayton died of anger,” Williams continued. “He died of hatred.

“He died because a man valued his freedom more than his life.”

The officers were authorized to use force on Clayton during Loyd’s arrest after the fatal shooting.

Loyd lost an eye after a crowd of officers hit, kicked, and cannoned him in an abandoned house in Carver Shores weeks after Clayton’s death.

She had said to Clayton’s husband in a moving statement that he did not kill his wife and claimed that he was the victim of a troubled childhood.

“As you saw in his testimony. Guy’s an idiot, ”said Orange County’s Sheriff John Mina.

“He’s an evil person who went out of his way to escape the police.”

Loyd was convicted of the murder of his girlfriend Dixon in October 2019.

At the previous murder trial in 2019, Loyd and his defense alleged that he went into “warrior mode” in response to the attack by Dixon’s brother Ronald Stewart and tried to defend themselves when he shot the woman eight times.

“I wanted my son,” Loyd said in her testimony. “I never intended to kill my queen.”

He said he visited Dixon’s house on December 13, 2016 to persuade her not to have an abortion.

Loyd said his ex-girlfriend pointed a gun at him which he then collected and kept with his two guns until his brother Ronald Stewart visited her.

Loyd is said to have shot Dixon and Stewart on the way home.

Dixon was three months pregnant, according to News 6, and had children ages 2 and 8.

His lawyers alleged that Stewart attacked Loyd, set off the gun and hit him.

Loyd said she believed Dixon took the gun, which caused her to go into “defense mode” and open fire on it; He said it was a matter of “life or death”.