Who was Alpo Martinez ( Drug kingpin shot dead in NYC ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime details, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

The notorious New York drug dealer, who had been in jail for decades for murder and was under witness protection for testifying against employees, was killed in his pickup truck on a corner of Harlem on Sunday morning, law enforcement officials said.

Alpo Martinez, a drug dealer who was portrayed by Cam’ron in the 2002 film “Paid In Full”, was killed in a gunfight while sitting in his Dodge Ram at 147 Frederick Douglass Street and Boulevard in 2017. said the policemen. You shot him five times

Martinez, whose last known address was in Maine, was hospitalized in Harlem but not rescued.

A senior law enforcement source said Martinez was in danger of returning to his old playground.

“You were in the witness protection program because you testified against other drug traffickers,” the source said.

“You would make many enemies of unfinished business,” the source said. “If I return to the same area, the news will spread very quickly. He is back in the region ”.

The source, who said Martinez’s vehicle had Texas paper license plates, said it was unclear whether Martinez had completely left witness protection or had just returned on a visit.

Photos from the crime scene showed his bullet-riddled red SUV.

“It seems pretty deliberate to shoot someone five times,” a police source said. There were no immediate arrests.

Martinez was a drug dealer in the same neighborhood where he was killed in the mid-1980s before being arrested for cracking in Washington, DC.

Martinez was released from prison in 2015 while serving a 35-year sentence at ADX Florence, a federal maximum security prison in Colorado.

“Paid in Full” is based on the story of Martinez and his partners Rich Porter and Azie Faison.

He appeared on an episode of Gangsters: America’s Most Evil in 2012 and has been nominated by numerous rappers, including Nas for “Memory Lane (Sittin ‘In Da Park)” and songs by Jay-Z and 50 Hundred.