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William Kaetz Wiki – Biography

William Kaetz, A New Jersey man has been busted for threatening a federal judge who he thought was “avoiding and stonewalling” his court cases, the US Attorney’s Office announced Monday.

William Kaetz, was accused Sunday of sending multiple threatening letters, emails, and voice messages to the unnamed judge beginning last month — calling the jurist a “traitor” and threatening to make his home address public, according to a federal complaint.

In Kaetz’s case, the judge wasn’t identified by the U.S. attorney’s office in New Jersey, but court filings show that Kaetz has had at least three cases before U.S. District Judge Claire Cecchi in Newark.

A message seeking comment was left with Cecchi’s office.

In one filed in March 2019, Kaetz, acting as his own lawyer, sued the federal government for $20 million, claiming his Constitutional rights had been violated because federal officials were guilty of “allowing known enemies of plaintiff’s nation in plaintiff’s nation’s official offices.”

“It is well known fact that Socialists and Muslims will not assimilate to our constitutional republic form of government and all defendants have allowed demonstrations of advocacy to overthrow our constitutional form of government without prosecution,” Kaetz wrote, “therefore Socialists and Muslims and their supporters cannot be in any government job.”

Cecchi dismissed the case last October. Two weeks ago, Kaetz had filed a motion of reconsideration that demanded Cecchi be removed from the case.

William Kaetz Age

William Kaetz is 56-years-old.

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Charged & Arrested

William was arrested Sunday and charged with threatening to assault and kill a federal judge and using interstate communications to threaten to injure a person. He was scheduled to make an initial appearance by video-conference Monday afternoon.

Kaetz sent a letter to the judge’s house last month saying he wanted the judge to expedite a case Kaetz had pending, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in Newark. A week later he allegedly left a voicemail at the judge’s office, and on Sunday allegedly sent an email to the judge’s personal email account calling the judge a traitor, which he said “has a death sentence.”

Kaetz’s harassment campaign allegedly began on Sept. 18, when he left a voicemail at the judge’s chambers saying he had “a couple of cases” pending and that they were “ripe” for judgment, the complaint said.

On Sept. 24, federal investigators interviewed Kaetz after he mailed a letter to the judge’s home, pushing to have the cases resolved.

Then, on Sunday, he was arrested after the judge received a threatening email on a personal account.

Kaetz was charged with making an interstate communication containing a threat to injure a person and threatening to assault and murder a federal judge, the US Attorney’s Office in New Jersey said in a press release.

The Paramus man is involved in several lawsuits filed in local and federal courts, including cases involving child support and a dispute over the purchase of a car, the Daily Voice said in a report Monday.

The case follows a July attack on a federal judge at her home in New Jersey, where an attorney disguised as a deliveryman fatally shot her son and severely wounded her husband.

A man arrested by the feds for threatening a federal judge is a member of the North Jersey Regional Tea Party since 2010, according to his Facebook page, and an avid backer of President Donald J. Trump’s reelection campaign.

Bill Kaetz’s Twitter page is crammed with supportive posts of the president, including TV commercials backing the president’s reelection bid and interviews questioning “COVID-19 fear mongering tactics.”

On Sept. 30, 2020, Kaetz left a voicemail for the judge, at the judge’s office, stating that he had cases pending before the judge, that the judge should have decided his matters weeks ago, and that he wanted the judge off his cases and off the bench. Kaetz further stated that he would not take “no” for an answer.

The man who shot and killed the son of Judge Esther Salas this past summer was also a strong backer of Trump.

“Roy Den Hollander, the self-described ‘anti-feminist’ attorney who authorities say is the chief suspect in the shootings of the son and the husband of a federal judge in New Jersey, attacked that judge by name in misogynistic, racist writings he wrote over a period of years and posted in bulk on the Internet Archive. Den Hollander, who describes himself as a Trump volunteer in his writings, called the judge an ‘affirmative action’ case who affiliated with those who wanted ‘to convince America that whites, especially white males, were barbarians, and all those of a darker skin complexion were victims.’