Who Is William White? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, TikTok User whiteyy18 Sends Women Swooning

William White
William White

William White Biography, Wiki

William White is a Canadian model. His TikTok videos have been preferred in excess of 18 million times, and he’s piled up 1.4 million followers on the stage.

White is a model from Canada, according to HITC. Specifically, according to CTV News, White hails from Niagara Falls, Ontario.

“This guy has amassed a whole audience of middle-aged women and moms on TikTok by posting thirst traps to old 80s hits,” wrote technology reporter Taylor Lorenz on Twitter.


“I saw like other people that were good looking, doing the same stuff and I was like, ‘maybe this could make me get into modeling,’” White told CTV’s Your Morning on Friday. “So, I started just making videos for fun, pretending it was like my own little music video, and it just started blowing up in there.”

White used to work in construction before turning to model, according to The Standard.


William White is 21-years-old.

TikTok User whiteyy18 Sends Women Swooning

Middle-aged women are swooning over William White, a TikTok user from Canada who goes by the handle whiteyy18. His TikTok videos show him lip-syncing to famous ’80s tunes, and that has “cougar nation” entranced.

Women who grew up in the 1980s seem to think he’s a modern-day cross between Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy, adding to the nostalgic feelings triggered by the music itself, like Jessie’s Girl. As Our Community Now put it, “he reminds us of summer flings and high school crushes—guys who drove Camaros and broke our hearts.” He’s known as Whitey on TikTok. The ’80s style mullet helps.

“Please be 18. Please be 18,” joked this woman with her husband alongside in a TikTok video about White.


#whiteyy18 #HoldMyMilk #over50 #fypシ

♬ original sound – LBR

Responded another woman, “lol, he’s 21. My husband is getting suspicious cause he keeps hearing this song over and over haha.” Another wrote, “You looked into his eyes… there’s no escaping after that.”

White is also on Instagram, where he posts modeling photos. You can see his page here. He also has an official William White store.

White Performed in a Video With Legend John Fogerty


This was fun to make w/ @johnfogerty #Centerfield #fogertysfactory

♬ Centerfield – John Fogerty

“Wait, is that John Fogerty,” White started one TikTok video that included… John Fogerty. “This was fun to make w/ @johnfogerty #Centerfield #fogertysfactory,” the caption reads.

Fans were thrilled. “You’re definitely getting noticed by some big names. That’s so awesome. Love this collaboration with a legend. You rock!” wrote one TikTok user.

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“A Legend and soon to be legendary. Nice match – home run,” wrote another. “Yesssss love this! Keep having fun Will and we will too!” said another TikTok user.

“omg? Wait?? What???” wrote another. “You just keep making us Canadian cougars proud!!!”

“That is so cool! What an amazing opportunity…two legends working together to unite a nation.. of cougars,” said another.

Legend Barry Manilow seemed to appreciate White’s TikTok about his iconic hit Mandy.

“That was huge, man. Like, it was surreal,” White told CTV. “Barry Manilow, like, I didn’t know him personally, but I knew he was like big time, and I knew that song.”

Manilow wrote on his official Instagram page, “We see you William White @williamwhite18,” sharing White’s cover of his song.

White Used to Play Hockey

White has plastered his Instagram page with old pictures showing him playing hockey. The team made the championships. According to CTV News, he played AAA-level hockey after high school.

He wants to break into acting, the site reported.


Answer to @pennybettorf I’m back guys!

♬ Lovefool – Best Love Songs

White Made His First Video

White described to The Standard how he made his first TikTok while standing in line for coffee with his dad. It was Manilow’s 1974 song, Mandy.

“I was bored, the line was forever, so I just put on the song and did a quick, ‘oh Mandy,’” he recalled.

White explained to the Standard that he grew up listening to “oldies” with his parents.


♬ Hi watermelon sugar – Alisa 👼🏻