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Yasemin Uyar

Yasemin Uyar Biography – Wiki

Yasemin Uyar was the mother of a two-year-old boy, who was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend along with her son, has been found dead.

In October 2019, Karen Uyar had written a post on social media about her daughter’s relationship with Ríos; detailing numerous cases of domestic violence, the measures they had tried to keep her safe, and previous attempts by authorities to offer assistance.


Yasemin Uyar has died at the age of 24-years-old.

Family & Siblings

While my family grieves the loss of Yasemin please remember she wasn’t just a DV (domestic violence) victim, “Karen Uyar said Saturday.” Her life of ella will be celebrated as her greatest gift of ella to this world, Sebastian will still need all of our love and support. ”

Karen Uyar asked for privacy to grieve as a family on Sunday, but that they will continue to share information and funeral arrangements will be forthcoming. Uyar’s tearful mother, Karen, said she was “grateful” to have her grandson back.

“ I’m so thankful to know that she’s okay, but I just pray every second that we find Yasemin, we call her Yazzi, that we find Yasemin, ” Karen Uyar told WABC. Yasemin’s sister, Marissa, told WABC that she and Ríos are not together and that she recently became homeless. Friends have also said that Uyar had a restraining order against Ríos.

Shot & Killed

A mother of a two-year-old boy, who was abducted by her ex-boyfriend along with her son, was found dead in the Tennessee woods just hours after her ex-boyfriend was arrested for kidnapping her son. Tyler Rios, 27, allegedly abducted his son Sebastian Rios, 2, and the boy’s mother, Yasemin Uyar, 24, on Friday, according to the Union County Prosecutor’s Office.

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The boy was found unharmed with Rios in Monterey, Tennessee, the next day. Uyar’s body was found later Saturday in a nearby wooded area. Since then, Ríos has been arrested for kidnapping his son. It is unclear if he faces charges in connection with Uyar’s death. Uyar’s mother, Karen, told CBS 2 News that Tyler told police where he hid his body.

Uyar was last seen with Sebastian in Rahway, NJ on Thursday. A Widespread Amber Alert was issued for the mother and son the next day, when Sebastian failed to show up to his daycare and Uyar missed his scheduled work shift. Members of the Rahway Police Department conducted a wellness check for Uyar and his youngest son at his home on Friday morning but found no one inside.

A daughter, a sister, a mother, an aunt, and a cousin, “this is how Karen Uyar described her daughter Yasemin, announcing that Tennessee authorities found the 24-year-old girl dead. The news was jointly confirmed Sunday by Acting Union County Prosecutor Lyndsay V. Ruotolo and Rahway Police Director Jonathan Parham.

After a weekend search across multiple states, Karen Uyar said her family was notified at 8:15 p.m. Yasemin Uyar’s remains were located on Saturday. Hours earlier, authorities had found Sebastian Rios, Yasemin’s 2-year-old son, safe in Monterey, Tennessee, and arrested his father, Tyler Rios, 27, of Highland Park without incident. Authorities said investigators found Yasemin’s body in a nearby forest near Interstate 40.

Suspect Charged

Rios is charged with first-degree kidnapping in connection with the alleged abduction of 2-year-old Sebastian, and additional criminal charges are pending in connection with the death of Yasemin, authorities said

The two had been reported missing and allegedly abducted on Friday by Rios. The child was the subject of a widespread Amber Alert first sent out Friday afternoon.

Back in October 2019, Karen Uyar had written a post on social media about her daughter’s relationship with Rios; detailing numerous instances of domestic violence, measures they had tried to keep her safe, and authorities’ past attempts to offer assistance.