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Judy Huth
Judy Huth

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Judy Huth, Bill Cosby’s problems are far from over after the court overturned his conviction for sexual assault and released him from prison after he served more than two years of his three to ten-year sentence. Attorneys for the formerly disgraced star recently addressed a Los Angeles Supreme Court judge, where Cosby is facing a civil lawsuit bought against him by a woman.

Judy Huth is one of at least 60 women who have accused Cosby of sexual assault and misconduct, but because the statute of limitations expires in many cases, Cosby was only convicted of assaulting Lauren Constand. According to one article, 15-year-old Judy and her 16-year-old friend met Cosby in 1964 in a Los Angeles park where she was filming a movie. Court documents say the girls told Cosby her age, after which she invited them to her tennis club the following Saturday. The trio was playing pool and then Cosby offered them alcohol. Every time Cosby won a game it was the rule for Huth and her friend to drink beer.

Later, he sneaked the girls into the Playboy Mansion, where Huth said he invited her to sit next to him in her bedroom and abused her, according to court documents filed. What makes this case different is that it is the only one pending against Cosby that involved child abuse. Cosby had filed a countersuit in 2014 alleging that Huth had been trying to sell her story to the tabloids for a decade, meaning that she would have realized the psychological damage back then, so the statute of limitations has expired.


Judy Huth’age is unknown.

Accused & Bill Cosby Sued for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting

Judy Huth has accused Cosby of assaulting her as a teenager at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion in 1974. The case was originally filed in 2014 but has been on hold ever since. Cosby was subpoenaed for a statement in the case in which he had declined to answer any questions. In early 2020, California civil law was amended to allow victims of child sexual abuse to sue for very old facts. Survivors of child assault up to the age of 40 can file a civil lawsuit.

The change in laws also facilitated the opportunity for victims to file claims that could not be filed under previous laws in a three-year period. Huth was a minor at the time she was allegedly murdered, making her potentially eligible for the three-year window, according to an article. Cosby’s attorney, Michael Freedman, said in a state conference report released Aug. 11 that after a “three-year illegal incarceration,” Cosby will defend the Fifth Amendment in this case, as he cannot take the risk. to return to the same situation.

Bill Cosby be Allowed to invoke

In the state conference report, Freedman said: “The defendant disagrees that simply because the Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down the defendant’s criminal conviction for a single offense, allegedly stemming from an incident that occurred in 2004, the defendant no longer enjoys the Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, “Freedman said. “This is particularly true where numerous states do not have statutes of limitation for sex crimes … Having already been forced to face malicious criminal prosecution that resulted in illegal three-year incarceration, the Respondent is not sure that such a risk does not still exist in this jurisdiction and others, “Freedman added.

Freedman said the Criminal investigation

Freedman said that the criminal investigation into Huth’s complaint is still open and that if “he is forced to appear for a deposition, he will exercise his Fifth Amendment guarantees in the absence of a court order ruling that he is not entitled to the Fifth Amendment. in this jurisdiction or any other. ” Huth’s attorney, Gloria Allred, on the other hand, said she is eager to remove Cosby. She said Cosby will not be able to invoke his Fifth Amendment Right during the second statement, as he no longer faces criminal charges.

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“Because the criminal case was pending, the taking of the second statement was suspended,” Allred told USA Today. “Now we can take the deposition and he will not be able to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights because there are no criminal charges pending against him. There are many questions I want to ask him. He will be forced to answer them,” said Allred, who represents 33 de his accusers and has vowed to fight for justice in court.

Statement Released

In a statement released Friday, Cosby’s team emphasized their plans to “fully vindicate” the actor against Huth’s allegations. The team also announced that Jennifer Bonjean, who appeared before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to successfully argue that Cosby’s conviction should be thrown out, will lead Cosby’s defense.

“There is a great risk that what happened in Pennsylvania will happen again,” Bonjean told out-of-court reports on Friday when asked why Cosby can still invoke his Fifth Amendment right in the civil case.

Cosby’s defense team also said in Friday’s statement that during the hearing, they “raised a number of important legal issues in the case, including whether California’s abolition of a statute of limitations on certain sex crimes is constitutional.”.

The tentative retrial against Cosby comes after the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court overturned Cosby’s criminal conviction and sentence in June after finding that a prior 2005 settlement with prosecutors over the allegations of another accuser, Andrea Constand, should have stopped the charges from being brought against him.

“In the words of Chief Justice Max Baer of the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court, ‘Mr. Cosby was the victim of reprehensible bait and change. “Those actions of an overzealous judge and prosecutor caused Mr. Cosby great suffering with an unjust sentence and imprisonment of two years and ten months,” Cosby’s defense team said in the statement.

“He rightfully fears that he could be the target of any number of other malicious prosecutions in this climate where mob justice trumps the rule of law and blatant allegations, no matter how old or implausible, are automatically viewed as the truth.” says the statement. aggregate.

The explosive decision to overturn his conviction was invoked in a presentation presented by defense attorney Michael Freedman before Friday’s hearing, where he told the court that his client still had concerns that the Los Angeles Police Department might still be there. investigating Huth’s claims. Therefore, Freedman wrote in the presentation, Cosby claims to keep his mouth shut.

However, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson told The Daily Beast that “there is nothing pending” in the investigation of Huth’s claims. In December 2014, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office refused to criminally charge Cosby for the Huth allegations, citing that the statute of limitations had expired. A spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday.

The lawsuit claims that Huth met Cosby, who was 37 at the time, while she and her 16-year-old friend of hers were watching him on a film set. Huth, who says she was 15 at the time, alleges that days after the meeting, Cosby gave her copious amounts of alcohol and took her to what she believed to be the Playboy Mansion.

However, Cosby’s team has previously claimed that Huth was not a minor on the date of the alleged incident, nor was the actor at the scene at the time.

At the mansion, according to the lawsuit, Cosby took Huth into a bathroom, where he tried to kiss her and slide her hands down her pants. Cosby then grabbed her hand and forced her to perform a sexual act with him, the lawsuit says.

About four decades after the incident, Huth filed her lawsuit against Cosby, alleging sexual assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Days later, Huth was interviewed by the LAPD’s special victims unit with Allred, according to the New York Daily News. Cosby has denied Huth’s allegations.

Huth’s lawsuit came just months before the Montgomery County district attorney’s office reopened the criminal investigation into Constand’s Cosby allegations.

After a mistrial in 2017 in that case that saw a stalled jury, Cosby was tried again, convicted, and finally sentenced in 2018.

On June 30, Cosby was released from SCI Phoenix, a state prison outside of Philadelphia, following the state Supreme Court ruling.