Who is Belly Mujinga? Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Death

Who is Belly Mujinga? Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Death

Belly Mujinga Wiki – Biography

Belly Mujinga, who was a railway ticket office employee has expired with COVID-19 after being ejected at by a person who insisted he had Coronavirus.
She had underlying respiratory difficulties. Mujinga served at Victoria station in London in March when she struck, with a female co-worker.


Mujinga was 47 years old.

Belly Mujinga Death

Her relative Agnes and a co-worker who saw the occurrence stated Mujinga had fought upon going outside the insurance of the ticket office without PPE. They declared her managers, Govia Thameslink, recognized she had respiratory problems yet at the equivalent time required she chips away at the road and communicates with passengers.

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Both confirmed she additionally gave back to get a chance at the concourse after the spitting incident despite actually moving with the pain of what had happened. In any concern, she hit the container 3 days following the incident, the Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA), explained.

Husband and Children

Her husband’s surname is Gode Katalay and both have an 11-year-old small daughter.
Gode Katalay told the guy had asked his important other what she was doing and for what purpose, she was there. Belly described to him she was working and the person said he had the illness and drooled on her,” he added.


The Prime Minister’s real spokesperson called the assault on the major worker as “great”.
Mr. Katalay said he asked his better half on a video treatment when she was in a medicinal dispensary, however, she didn’t receive information from her already further.
Belly was a kind personality, a fabulous mom, and a suitable spouse. She was an attentive self and would trade with everyone.”
TSSA common secretary Manuel Cortes stated: “We are upset and confused at Belly dying. She is one of the very common cutting bound workers who has lost their lives to coronavirus.”
The exchange added that there were “not kidding issues regarding her death”.

Quick Facts

  1. Belly Mujinga formed at the ticket department at London Victoria Station.
  2. She ejected at the junction of Victoria Station in March.
  3. Days succeeding she had come sick, along with her co-worker who too drooled at.
  4. Mother-of-one related to Barnet Hospital, where she expired on April 5.
  5. Her co-worker made a complete improvement, while the police launch hunt for the guy who ejected