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Eddie Johnson Wiki – Biography

Eddie Johnson is a former Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, Johnson was born on the Near North Side of Chicago, Illinois in the Cabrini–Green Housing Projects and, at age 10, moved to the Washington Heights neighborhood. Johnson currently resides in the near South Side neighborhood of Bridgeport. Johnson recalls his mother telling his father about the new neighborhood as a “Quiet place, compared to the old neighborhood” and that Johnson recalled, “Gunshots all night long” while living in Cabrini–Green.

Johnson had congenital kidney disease for most of his adult life. His son, CPD patrolman Daniel Johnson, gave him one of his kidneys in 2017. Both Johnsons support Illinois’ organ donation program, and were honored by the National Kidney Foundation with an award at its 2019 Gift of Life Gala.

Eddie Johnson Age

Eddie Johnson is 60-years-old.

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Wife & Children

Johnson is divorced, a father of three children, one of whom is a CPD patrolman. He’s re-married to CPD officer on 2017.

Not Officially Arrested

Former Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson was not officially arrested after police were called to his home for a domestic incident Friday night, a Chicago Police Department spokesperson says.

Johnson turned himself in Saturday afternoon, hours after officers were called to his home in Bridgeport for a domestic incident, sources tell CBS 2.

Police confirmed that around 9:30 p.m. Friday there was a call for service regarding the incident in the 1200 block of West 33rd Place, and a victim refused medical attention. Sources said a third party called police over the “domestic incident.” Johnson’s wife, CPD Lt. Nakia Fenner, cooperated with investigators, but Johnson left the scene before officers arrived, at which point in time he was the named offender & therefore “wanted.” According to police sources, Johnson’s wife told responding officers that Johnson pushed her.

When CBS 2’s Brad Edwards asked why Johnson, a domestic battery suspect, was allowed to simply leave the original scene of the investigation, a CPD spokesperson told him “no complaint filed.”

Sources also said the commander in charge of the scene at the time is the same commander who was in charge the night Johnson was found slumped over in his car one year ago.

CBS 2’s Meredith Barack spoke with Johnson outside his home Saturday. Johnson told her, “We had a disagreement. We are fine.”

A source said Johnson later turned himself in at the 9th District police station. However, police would not confirm that information.

It’s just the latest trouble for Johnson, who was fired as superintendent last December, after Mayor Lori Lightfoot accused him of lying to her and the public about what happened the night he was found asleep at the wheel of his vehicle in October 2019, following a night of drinking with a member of his security detail.

That officer, his personal driver, Officer Cynthia Donald, last week sued Johnson, accusing him of years of sexual assault and harassment. Johnson has denied those claims.


Following an investigation of that night, a report from the Chicago Inspector General’s office last week revealed Donald was one of eight officers facing suspension for their roles in the incident. Donald was suspended seven days for driving under the influence. Seven other officers were given various suspensions for a series of mistakes in investigating what happened, including failing to determine if Johnson was fit to drive after he was found passed out in his vehicle, after having consumed the equivalent of 10 drinks.