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Jason Landry Wiki – Biography

Jason Landry is a student of a Texas State University, is missing after his car was found crashed near U.S. 183 in Luling, Texas. He is believed to have been heading back home for Christmas break, but no one has heard from him since the crash. A small amount of blood was found in his car, along with his phone.

Jason Landry Age

Jason Landry is 21-years-old.

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Missing & Searching

Officials don’t know what Landry was wearing when he disappeared, Texas EquuSearch reported on Woodlands Online. He has a scar on one of his ankles and medium-length hair. He may have a goatee.

Helicopters, dogs, and family and friends are all helping with the search. His father shared that drones were being used to detect body heat.

If anyone has information, please call the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office at (512) 398-6777 or Texas EquuSearch at (281) 309-9500.

Family & Siblings

Landry’s mother, Lisa Landry, said that a small amount of blood was found in the car, ABC 13 reported. She said his phone, wallet, keys, and other belongings were all still in the car.

His mother said she’s worried about her son because temperatures are getting so cold at night right now in the region.

“We just need a lot of prayers,” she said. “We need this to work. We need God to help us out and all the prayers.”

A spokesperson for Texas State University confirmed that he was missing and told KVUE: “Texas State University continues to monitor the situation and we are hopeful for a positive outcome.”

Jason Landry’s father, Kent Landry, is the senior pastor of Southminster Presbyterian Church and is in Luling helping with the search, the church shared. The church has set up a genius account so church members can sign up for 15-minute time slots to pray for Jason Landry and his family.

Jason Landry has two older siblings.

His Car Was Found Crashed

Landry’s car was found crashed in Caldwell County on Monday, December 14 around 12:30 a.m. after a resident reported seeing it near U.S. 183 off Salt Flat Road, DPS officials told KVUE. There was no one in the car when it was found, but DPS was able to determine that Landry was the owner of the car. Helicopters searched the area without any success.

His car likely crashed sometime between 11:30 p.m. Sunday and 12:30 a.m. Monday, ABC 13 reported.

A family friend, Heather Sasser, shared on Facebook that Landry’s car appeared to have been in a single-car accident and had hit two trees. She later shared on Facebook that his scent may have been tracked to a nearby abandoned house, but he had not been found. His aunt posted a similar message on Facebook. Officials have not yet confirmed the update.

Officials Believe He Was Heading Home

Officials believe that he had just left Texas State and was heading home for Christmas break, Click2Houston reported. His car — a Nissan Altima — was found just 30 miles from campus.

The map above shows approximately where his car was found. It was shared on Facebook by Southminster Presbyterian Church, where Landry’s father is senior pastor.

Sasser shared on Facebook that Landry was driving from Texas State to Sienna Plantation in the Houston region.