Who is Alfred Megbuluba? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Charged with Murder of Catherine Khan, Arrested

Alfred Megbuluba
Alfred Megbuluba

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Alfred Megbuluba, A Georgia man is in custody following the rare death of a beloved Atlanta-area mixologist.

On October 11, a witness called 911 to report that a woman was thrown from a moving Lamborghini in the middle of an in-vehicle altercation. PEOPLE obtained audio of the 911 call, in which the witness says she was unconscious on the road, still breathing and covered in blood.


Alfred Megbuluba is 31-years-old.

Charged with Murder of Catherine Khan & Arrested

The woman, later identified as 28-year-old Catherine Khan de Snellville, was taken to a hospital where she died of her injuries.

Police allege in the arrest warrants obtained by PEOPLE that 31-year-old Alfred Megbuluba stole Khan’s wallet and shoved it out of his vehicle, causing her death. He allegedly later used his debit card to buy gas at a nearby Chevron.

Megbuluba surrendered to authorities on Monday. He is charged with felony murder, robbery by taking, financial transaction card theft, and financial transaction card fraud, according to online jail records.

“This case is now considered closed by arrest,” the Atlanta Police Department announced Monday in a news release.

Megbuluba’s attorney, Steve Sadow, upheld his client’s innocence in a statement shared with PEOPLE.

“Mr. Megbuluba is not guilty of the charges brought against him,” Sadow said. “Ms. Khan’s death was a tragic accident. We hope that the evidence at trial will show that she may have been intoxicated, that she jumped or fell out of the vehicle of her own free will and that her debit card was not stolen. nor used illegally. ”

Megbuluba has pleaded not guilty and was denied bail by a judge on Tuesday.

Khan’s family and friends shared memories of the energetic young woman in a public Facebook group titled Remembering Catherine Khan.

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A post written by Khan’s father reads: “You have planted a seed in so many hearts. You have shown me and everyone you met, that kindness and unconditional love and especially being there for someone in need is much more important. . than anything else this life can offer. ”

After her intimate funeral on Tuesday, Khan’s mother wrote: “I just buried my sweet Catherine. Such a beautiful soul and I left too early. Did you know that my nickname for her was gooseberry? Parents are not supposed to they must bury their children. Wait for your loved ones tight and always tell them I love you. ”

A GoFundMe has been established to cover the costs of Khan’s funeral and memorial.