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Beheshta Arghand
Beheshta Arghand

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Beheshta Arghand is a presenter on the county’s first 24-hour news network, TOLO news channel, Beheshta Arghand interviewed Mawlawi Abdulhaq Hemad at the study on the situation in the capital of Kabul. The Taliban, in an attempt to emphasize their liberal stance towards women, allowed a television station host to interview a spokesperson.

Beheshta Arghand, the host of the county’s first 24-hour news network, TOLO news channel, interviewed Mawlawi Abdulhaq Hemad at the study on the situation in the capital Kabul. Given the ‘horrible memories’ of the Taliban’s impression of women during their last reign, a presenter conducting an interview on live television was a ‘dazzling’ sight.

Beheshta Arghand is a presenter for the TOLO news channel and was the first in the country to broadcast the channel with female presenters in a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. The channel’s chief information officer, Miraqa Popal, said in a tweet: “Our moderator will meet a colleague from the Taliban media live in our studio.” Although the Beheshta Arghand interview was perceived as a “welcome change” in the way the Taliban act, reports by columnists, journalists, and writers who received compromising calls from the Taliban paint a different picture. On Monday, August 16, Amnesty International Secretary General Agn├Ęs Callamard said: “A large number of Afghans are in real danger from the violent reactions of the Taliban, from scholastics and writers to activists and safeguards of the basic freedoms of women. women, and run the risk of being abandoned for a deeply dubious future. ”


Beheshta Arghand’s age is unknown.

Further in the interview Mulla Yaqoob, the Son of Taliban Founder Mullah Omar and Said

“The whole world now recognizes that the Taliban are the true rulers of the country. It still amazes me that people fear the Taliban,” Hemad said during the interview. “We are grateful to Allah for having achieved the desired goal for which our people were martyred; it is a good situation because in all this transition and war no more than 50 people died,” he added.

Later in the interview, Mawlawi Abdulhaq Hemad praised Mulla Yaqoob, the son of the founder of the Taliban, Mullah Omar, and said: “His words have authority for the Taliban and he said that the Taliban should not cause trouble among the people and that. it was a sigh. ” of relief to all the Afghan people. So far, the Taliban did not cause any problems, not even 1 percent in the country, on the part of the Mujahideen. “Moby Group director Saad Mohseni, who oversees TOLO news, reacted to the Taliban official’s interview. by a woman and tweeted: “Unthinkable two decades ago, when they were last in charge.”

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Known for suppressing women’s rights, the Taliban banned women and girls from going to work or school during their last regime. According to INews, an Afghan native now living in the UK, Homira Rezai told BBC Women’s Hour that the Taliban were already drawing up a list of women to attack. “Just an hour ago, I got an update from Kabul where they go from house to house looking for women who were activists, women who were bloggers, YouTubers, any woman who has had a role in the development of civil society in Afghanistan,” she said . she said. In the light of similar reports pouring in from across the country, the Taliban motive behind the “welcome movement” has yet to be established.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Tuesday, August 17, that the Taliban have “committed” to respect women’s rights, but within the norms of Islamic law. Mujahid also noted that the Taliban wanted the private media “to remain independent”, however, within restrictive restrictions. He stressed that journalists “must not work against national values.”