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Who Is Demetrius McGhee? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Career, Charged, Arrested

Demetrius McGhee
Demetrius McGhee

Demetrius McGhee Biography, Wiki

Demetrius McGhee is from Clayton, Alabama has been charged and arrested. The city is about 55 miles from the lake when the crime occurred, and it is unclear as of now what McGhee was doing in the area. AL.com reported that a “surviving male was taken by helicopter ambulance to Southeast Health in Dothan.” It is unclear if McGhee was that individual, with police declining to comment on the matter. The jail has also refused to release a mugshot of McGhee, According to the statement.


Demetrius McGhee is 26-years-old.


CNAW reporter Colin Scroggins reported that McGhee is the boyfriend of Hudson in a tweet. He said, “Mother’s boyfriend arrested on 4 counts of Capital Murder after 2 kids and the mother found murdered inside half-submerged blue sedan in Lake Eufaula. The suspect is identified as 26-year-old Demetrius McGhee”. However, the police are yet to confirm the connection.

Charged & Arrested

McGhee has been charged with capital murder after cops find a submerged Toyota in Lake Eufaula with the bodies of a woman and two children.

CREEK TOWN PARK, ALABAMA: Police have arrested and charged 26-year-old Demetrius Devonte McGhee over the deaths of a woman and two children. Alabama Law Enforcement Agency found a car partially submerged car in Lake Eufaula near Creek Town Park on Monday, April 26. Investigations then lead to McGhee, who has since been charged with four counts of capital murder.

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McGhee was released from a local hospital and taken into custody on April 26 night. He is now being held without bond at the Barbour County Jail. It is unclear as of now why McGhee was in jail. The adult victim has been identified as Remona Hudson by the Barbour County Coroner. The family is believed to be from Cuthbert, Georgia.

The identities of the children have not been made public, but it is believed that they are 16 and 12-years-old. A post on Facebook has identified one of the children as Kalib Hudson, a member of the SWGA Wolfpack Youth Football team. According to the Daily Mail, the two children were the sons of Hudson and were reportedly shot before being drowned in the car.

Details of the incident are scarce at the moment. The only information we have comes from a statement by The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). They said, “Based upon the totality of the circumstances and the severity of the crime, Demetrius Devonte McGhee, has been charged with four counts of Capital Murder. As the case continues to develop and more information becomes available, ALEA will share it accordingly.”

We couldn’t find any social media handles or other news articles linked to McGhee. Right now, most of the news here is speculation until confirmed by the police.

Local news channel WSFA was told by Mayor Jack Tibbs that a jogger found the car at around 7:18 am and alerted the police. WAFF 48 reported that “people claiming to be family were on-site”. According to reports, the victims were all from Cuthbert, Georgia, approximately 29 miles away. The station also found a crime scene at a home in the city, but it is unclear if that is related to the incident at Lake Eufaula.


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