Who is Jordan Cheyenne? Wiki, Biography, Age, YouTuber Mom Slammed for Making Son, Cry for Viral Video

Jordan Cheyenne
Jordan Cheyenne

Jordan Cheyenne Biography – Wiki

Jordan Cheyenne, A mother YouTuber was severely criticized after an unedited version of one of her videos went viral after she showed her son crying while allegedly taking advantage of her son’s emotion to gain sympathy on social media. The video soon made its way to Twitter, where social media users were outraged by Jordan Cheyenne’s actions.

Cheyenne is a vlogger and single mom living in California. After starting her YouTube channel eight years ago, she began sharing vlogs about her personal life and her fitness on YouTube, through which she has earned more than 537,000 subscribers. Cheyenne also has her own website, which describes her as an Instagram growth coach and social media influencer.

Her bio reads, “I help women entrepreneurs unlock their potential, believe in themselves, grow their social media following organically, and turn their audience into paid customers with ease.” On her website, Cheyenne has revealed that she has gone from “being over $ 40,000 in debt to running a successful company that has reached over $ 500,000 in revenue.”


Jordan Cheyenne’s age is unknown.

YouTuber Mom Slammed for Making Son Cry for Viral Video

In the unedited vlog, titled “We Are Heartbroken,” Cheyenne is seen telling her eight-year-old son Christian, both sitting in the front seats of a car, to pose for the miniature after revealing that her pup has been in pain. of parvovirus, which was a life-threatening disease for unvaccinated dogs. At the end of the video, she was seen telling him to “come over, put your head here”, gesturing for him to put his head close to her chest as she sees Christian crying in the passenger seat. She tells her son to “act” as if he is crying when an emotionally distressed Christian says, “I am crying” as he continues to sob. Meanwhile, Cheyenne also sheds abundant tears, supposedly intended for the camera.

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‘CPS Needs to Look into this

After finding the unedited video on Twitter, people were outraged by Cheyenne’s behavior, demanding that family social media channels be disabled and that Child Protective Services (CPS) take a closer look at how YouTube’s mother was doing. raising your child. “I will NEVER understand that you show your child in trouble on the Internet. You are supposed to protect them. These kids who come from families that vlog everything, are bullied at school all the time. Family channels shouldn’t exist. Most of they “have done it at some point,” one of them said, while another noted, “What’s screwed is that this is not entirely uncommon. Many ‘family’ type channels often engage in many exploitative behaviors and use their children to suffer for profit. Regardless of what happened, this is up in the air now and that poor kid will have to deal with it. ”

“Jesus Christ. Honestly, CPS needs to investigate this. When are we going to make this illegal? Children cannot consent to their image being posted on the internet and now this clip will follow forever. Hollywood is already abusing children for television, but there is no regulation here, “commented a third. One commenter tweeted: “My kids are now teenagers and just knowing their personalities they would have hated it if I had put their lives on the internet. Especially my youngest son.

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I’m afraid these kids are going to grow up to really dislike and mistrust their parents. … in the best case “. One person reacted by saying, “I feel bad for the kids of vloggers … imagine all the therapy these kids are going to need.”

Apologizes After Backlash

Initially, after receiving considerable backlash for the raw video, the YouTuber shared an edited version of the same video without the thumbnail, drawing even more criticism. This forced her to remove the video entirely and to issue an apology, where she was heard saying, “That was so disgusting of me. I shouldn’t have done that at all. We were both already so sad and upset and in such a state. vulnerable today. ”

In a second apology video uploaded to her Instagram stories, she was seen Cheyenne crying in her house with the refrigerator door open in the back. She said that she was disabling direct messages from her, disabling comments from her on her social media page because she was receiving death threats after her video went viral. She said that she had never been “so upset with myself or disappointed” by people who sent her mean messages.


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