Who was Pivot Gang? Wiki, Biography, Age, Rapper Saba, DJ and Producer Squeak, Member of Chicago, Shot Dead


Pivot Gang Biography – Wiki

Pivot Gang, DJ and producer Squeak, a member of the Chicago Pivot Gang alongside rapper Saba, was shot and killed in Chicago on Monday, according to a representative from the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office. Born Javunte Wheeler, he leaves behind a devastated community of artists, friends, and family, including a daughter.

Created by Chilliams and Fresh Waters, the Pivot Gang released their first mixtape in 2013. Its name derives from a scene in Friends in which some of its central characters try to maneuver a sofa on the narrow stairs of an apartment (“Pivot! Pivot Pivot! “Ross yells). Saba told Complex that the name more meaningfully is a reminder of progress and positivity. “Even on the Friends episode, they were literally moving,” he said. “So it was like Pivot, we moved.”


Pivot Gang has died at the age of 26-years-old.


While other members of the Pivot Gang such as Saba, Joseph Chilliams, Squeak’s older brother Fresh Waters, and MFN Melo rap, Squeak served as one of the Pivot Gang’s in-house producers, his temperamental style often characterized by soundscapes. soft and dreamy, even in their most optimistic moments.

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in June, he released his debut project, a collaboration with MFN Melo called En Route. Melo and Squeak developed a deep bond when Fresh Waters was incarcerated in the early 2010s. “Melo was my older brother when my older brother left,” Squeak said last May. Squeak also contributed production to Pivot Gang’s 2019 album You Can’t Sit With Us, and Saba’s hit album Bucket List Project.

Shot Dead

Pivot Gang has seen the violent death of two of its members now. En Route de Squeak features Dinnerwithjohn, a late Pivot member, who also recorded as John Walt. Walt was fatally stabbed at age 24 in 2017. Saba’s 2018 Care For Me work surprisingly deals with this loss.