Who is Ronald Shurer II? Wiki, Biography, Age, Discharge, Death,

Who is Ronald Shurer II? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Education, Career, Wife, Children, Discharge, Cause of Death, Net Worth

Ronald Shurer II Wiki – Biography

Staff Sgt. Ronald Shurer II was an Army medic with the third Special Forces Group Airborne who won the Medal of Honor for his actions in Afghanistan in 2008. He worked with the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force in the wintertime of 2007. In his 2nd deployment to Afghanistan, he was used to Shok Valley, a purpose that Business Insider reported as taking or hitting high-value objectives. According to the U.S. Army, Shurer was carrying Special Forces workers and Afghan commandos on April six, 2008.

Ronald Shurer II Age

Shurer expired at the age of 41.

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Shurer excited to get behind 9/11 but was refused due to pancreatitis, social TV channel KIRO-7 published.
But both of Shurer’s parents had worked in the Armed Forces and his grandpa and great-grandfather had also worked; Shurer was not working to give up. He was received the 2nd time he was drafted and fitted a doctor at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In 2006, he was promoted from sergeant to force sergeant. At one time, he was chosen for the Special Forces essential education and progressed.


Shurer finished from Rogers High School in 1997 and certified from Washington State University with a degree in business finance in 2001.


He joined the Army, where he served to support and protect more than a dozen damaged soldiers through a film of shells from enemy attack and turned to the battle. He then entered the Secret Service to remain to obey his country.
The company was going through a valley when they went into sniper shooting, rocket-propelled missiles, and machine shots. Shurer told about the attack and said there were many damaged.
“With disregard for his protection, Shurer went quickly through a storm of bullets near the base of the hill to reach the pinned-down forward part,” the Army stated. “While on the progress, Shurer held to use a disabled teammate’s neck damage made by shrapnel from a new RPG blast.” He served to leave soldiers, “moving and reducing the cut down the steep mountainside, using his body to shield them from criminal fire and shrapnel. After he placed the injured in an exodus helicopter, Shurer went back up the hill to attack,” KIRO-7 published.
Shurer was on the range for 6 hours and hit many rebels, Business Insider published. Shurer rendered service to four Army soldiers and ten Afghan companies, notwithstanding injured in his arms and sniper fire cracking his helmet. “It seemed like I’d kicked in the head with a baseball bat,” Shurer reportedly announced succeeding.

Rewards & Medals

In September of 2008, Shurer granted a Silver Star. On October 1st, 2019, he awarded the Reward of Fame at a White House function. Shurer credited the whole team with getting everyone’s endurance through the drive potential.
Other prizes he won to enter the Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal with Bronze Clasp and two Rings, National Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal with couple Bronze Service Stars, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal plus NATO Medal.

Wife & Children

Miranda Lentz, a West Virginian, was a bachelor of the Illinois Institute of Technology and was studying a graduate degree in education from Virginia’s James Madison University. She attended Shurer by a dating place while he was at Fort Bragg. He made 5 hours to Virginia to move to the films, Military.com published.
Shurer purposed in June of 2006, shortly later he discovered concerning his deployment and Lentz answered yes.
Lentz has been with him for the things that made him the Medal of Courage, his progress to the Secret Service, and also in the car with him when he got the update that his cancer had grown.

The twosome had two sons: Cameron, 12, and Tyler, 8.


Shurer got a proud discharge and left the Army in May 2009, a few above a year following his excellent day of service. He applied to the FBI and to the Secret Service, and took the Secret Service, because “the Secret Service experience just actually talked to me. I’d be holding on the interests of history,” he said Military.com.
In the summer of 2016, Shurer began feeling hip hurt, which he decided to manage. Later in February of 2017, he eventually became an MRI and doctors discovered a tumor on his hip.
“I’ve worked it always since,” Shurer stated, according to Military.com.

Cause of Death

When Shurer took his stage four lung cancer examination, doctors informed his cancer had expanded to additional organs. Shurer managed by a team of experts at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland and he additionally took supervision in Washington, D.C.
On Apr. 30, he had written a tweet stating it had been difficult to breathe and his house oxygen wasn’t improving much.
Then on May 13, he wrote regarding a tried operation: “Very shocked to write this…. been careless for a week. They are working to try and get it out in a couple of hours, they can’t know me if it will go.”
He expired the following day. In 2017, he diagnosed with grade 4 lung cancer, He died May 14. died at the age of 41.