Who was Sarah Grossman? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death

Who was Sarah Grossman? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death, Investigations, Tribute, Twitter, Instagram, Net Worth

Sarah Grossman Wiki – Sarah Grossman Biography

Sarah Grossmanhas died after allegedly being tear-gassed and pepper-sprayed while she participated in George Floyd protests in Ohio. Sarah Grossman, 22, of Springboro, Ohio, died on May 30, after family members took her to the hospital, just two days after her relatives said that she had participated in a George Floyd protest in Columbus, Ohio. A student Sarah Grossman is said to have died after being struck by tears during a George Floyd demonstration. The day after her death, Sarah’s father told the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office that while at the May 28 protest, she had been ‘exposed to tear gas and pepper spray’ that had been ‘discharged by police as part of crowd control,’ according to autopsy records obtained by the Dayton Daily News.

Sarah Grossman Age

She was 22 years old.

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Ohio State University

Ohio State University student Sarah Grossman died after attending a protest in Columbus, Ohio, May 30, by Floyd, a black man killed by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Remembrance Day.

Death’s Investigations

The city of Columbus is currently investigating Grossman’s death after social media claimed that she died after the chemical agent exacerbated any preexisting respiratory problems she may have had. Grossman died at Sycamore Medical Center in Kettering, near Dayton, Ohio, according to the Cleveland Jewish News.

Tribute on Instagram

In an emotional tribute on Instagram, Sarah’s sister Jessa Grossman wrote: “If you’ve ever met Sarah, you know she has affected the lives of everyone she has touched. She never cared what anyone thought of her, just caring about helping others. ”

“ She was my rock, my greatest inspiration and model and, above all, the best friend I have ever had. I promise to continue her legacy and finish what she started. I will always love you and there will never be a day when I will not think of you with the love of your little sister. Coffee roasters Stauf, where Grossman worked, also looked up Facebook and wrote: “ As a peaceful protester this weekend, she stood up to end police brutality and was torn as a result. His death came later, but his legacy is even stronger.


The city of Columbus tweeted that it had seen reports that Grossman died of his spraying during the protests, but said no paramedics had been dispatched to the scene. The Montogomery County coroner confirmed that he was performing an autopsy on Grossman, according to WCMH, and said that she died at Sycamore hospital. Autopsy results expected to take approximately eight weeks