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Olivia King
Olivia King

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Olivia King was identified as the mother of three who was shot and killed by a gunman who wounded 12 people at a Kroger grocery store in Collierville, Tennessee. She was remembered for her sweet character, her devout religion, and her love for family.


Olivia King’s age is unclear.

Worked as a School Secretary

The only images available on King’s Facebook page are photos showing her with her children in military uniforms. “Grateful for the loves of my life,” she wrote.

The Commercial Appeal reported that according to resident David Fraser, King was a window with three children, one of them in the Navy and one in the Air Force. She was a devout Catholic who had worked as a school secretary, the newspaper reported.

A friend wrote on Facebook: “Pray for my dear friend Olivia King and hers for her hers amazing children and her family hers. I will miss her terribly. Pray for our city and all of our first responders, today they put through many years of training and did an extraordinary job, it could have been so much worse. Please continue to pray for others who were shot and are currently in surgery. Pray for healthcare providers. Pray for Kroger employees. Pray for Collierville! ”

The video emerged from the scene.

Jason Lusk, who recorded videos, wrote on Facebook: “He made about 12 shots when I got to my car. My phone was in the car and I managed to record one of the shots and the police arrived ”.

One woman wrote in her comment thread: “My co-worker’s brother was shot and the air rose. His sister-in-law of him was shepherded. ”

Collierville is a community located in Shelby County which is a suburb of Memphis. The photos and videos showed a massive response from law enforcement agencies to the scene.

In the audio from the scanner, an officer said: “Contact all agencies for mutual assistance.” An officer said at another time: “I need more ambulances.” The Daily Memphian reported that a Kroger employee climbed onto the roof during security, but the entire shooting occurred inside the store.

Shot & Killed

Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane confirmed at a news conference that the gunman shot multiple people. There are at least 13 victims, with two dead, including the gunman, he said. King’s family identified her as the victim who died.

“Everyone should be more like Olivia,” Collierville deputy mayor Maureen Fraser told The New York Times. “Kind, generous, loving, selfless.”

“It breaks my heart to have to be in front of you today,” Lane said. Lane called it “the most horrible event that has occurred in Collierville history.”

The initial audio from the police dispatch, available on Broadcastify, said there were “four gunshot victims” in the back of Kroger next to the dumpster, one person was “near the deli with a gunshot wound to possible shoulder “and” another party was off Kroger, with a gunshot wound to the shoulder and back. ” The shooter has not been identified.

King’s Son Wrote on Facebook, ‘No One Deserves This

Wes King, Olivia King’s son, revealed on Facebook that she had died.

“Dear friends, it is with great regret that I must inform you that my mother has died from her injuries. I spoke directly to the trauma surgeon. She was shot directly in her chest. EMTs attempted CPR all the way to the hospital. They tried to save her from her in the hospital without success, ”he wrote on Facebook.

“I apologize for the graphic details, but this type of crime must stop being ignored and sanitized. Nobody deserves this. We will continue to update family and friends with funeral arrangements and other news as they become available. ”

He also wrote: “I can’t believe I’m writing this, but my mother Olivia King was one of the victims today in the Collierville shooting in Kroger. I don’t normally publicly post Mom’s medical concerns, but this is obviously different. I don’t know much else about what’s being released to the public right now. I received a phone call from a stranger while in a meeting. She informed me that Mom was hit during an active shooting scene and that I was dialed into her emergency contact with her. She was breathing at the time she called me. ”

According to King, “Please, we need prayers for Mom, for the rest of the victims, and as difficult as it may be, so that God has mercy on the soul of the person who committed this terrible crime. We are on the way and trying to get home as quickly and safely as possible from Ohio. ”

Family Released a Statement

Olivia King’s family issued a statement to Fox 13.

“Our family is devastated by this senseless act of violence,” she said. “We ask you to pray for the repose of the soul of our mother, Olivia King. We also ask everyone for his prayers for all the families and friends affected by today’s events, as well as for God’s mercy for the shooter and his family. Thanks.”

Lane said the call exploded at 1:30 p.m. for an active shooter. The police arrived four minutes later. “When we entered the building, there were several people shot,” Lane said, adding that police went from hall to hall, pulling out employees who were in hiding and helping victims who were injured.

She said the alleged assailant’s vehicle was in the parking lot and police were waiting for additional equipment to search the vehicle.

Fox13 reported that its news crews witnessed “two medical helicopters landed on the outskirts of Kroger” and that Collierville High School was briefly closed.


Witnesses told the Daily Memphian that the shooting “started in the deli area and described the gunman as having dark hair and dark eyes. Some reported that he was carrying a military-style rifle. ”

The shooter died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the police chief says. “The shooter is deceased,” he confirmed. “We believe it will be from self-inflicted gunshot wounds.”

Jennifer Casey, a public information officer for the City of Collierville, confirmed to the Business Appeal that there was an active shooter at the Kroger. She told the newspaper that there are multiple injuries, but was not more specific.

You can listen to the initial scan audio here. It comes in the last minutes of this audio file.

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Memphis police confirmed there was a shooting at the Kroger. Memphis police officers are at the scene of a shooting at Kroger located at 240 New Byhalia Road in Collierville, TN to support the Collierville Police Department. MPD is helping to secure the perimeter and the scene, ”they wrote on Twitter.


One woman wrote in King’s comment thread on Fox 13: “This is a sweet lady who loved her 3 children, her sisters and brothers in Texas, her church and her friends very much. She was so generous with everything she knew. Rest in peace Olivia. You’re with Jesus and your Greg. ”

Glenda McDonald, who works at the Kroger, told The Commercial Appeal that she heard the shot and said, “I ran out the door. I left my bag, my keys, everything. ”

Kroger employee Brignetta Dickerson told WKRN that she heard gunshots while she was working at the cash register.

She ran.

“And here he comes right behind us and he started shooting. And she kept shooting, shooting, shooting. She shot one of my co-workers in the head and one of my clients in the stomach, ”she told the television channel. Her coworker, shot in the head, asked for her mother but she survived.

The people of Collierville wrote about the reports of the shooting on social media. “There is an active shooter at the Kroger across the street from my job. He was literally there pouring gas, ”wrote one man on Twitter.

“There is an active shooter at a Kroger grocery store in a neighboring city. Please pray,” wrote one woman on Twitter.

One man wrote: “Local friends, stay away from the Collierville Kroger. Active shooter situation there. Pray for our community, please ”.