Who is Sean Black (TikToker)? Wiki, Biography, Age, Goes Viral for Creating Bot to Troll Anti-Abortion Website

Sean Black tiktoker
Sean Black tiktoker

Sean Black Biography – Wiki

Sean Black is a TikToker, the creator has gone viral on the internet for creating a bot that flooded a Texas website with false reports of people seeking abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. Sean Black took the initiative after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Texas abortion ban and then an anti-abortion organization, the Texas Right to Life group, launched a website for people to report suspicions that friends, family members, colleagues, or neighbors may be agreeing to abortion. watch out.


Sean Black is 22-years-old.

TikTok Goes Viral for Creating Bot to Troll Anti-Abortion Website

“Okay, listen to me. What if someone very technical, very practical, set up a bot that automatically sends the request to the website? Oh wait, it was me, I did that, “said Black, who goes by the name @ black_madness21, in a video that has had 1.4 million views. In another video, he claimed that his IP address was banned after his creation sent around 300 fake stories, memes, and fake reports. But it didn’t stop there as it created an iOS shortcut that allowed people to submit fake reports to the site, earning it a lot of applause on TikTok and Twitter.

About his company, Black told VICE’s tech site Motherboard: “To me, the McCarthy-era tactics of getting neighbors up against each other over a bill that I think is a violation of Roe V Wade is unacceptable. There are people on TikTok who use their platform to educate and do their part. I think this is me doing mine. ”

A TikTok user commented while praising Black: “Do you prefer king, queen, ruler or perhaps the all-powerful necromancer?” Another said, “What did we do to deserve you?” “You are officially the reason I have faith in humanity,” added one person.

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A tweet, “They are our future and I am very happy to see them so engaged in politics. Is there a better way? Idk man, they seem to be on it.” Another said: “It’s good to hear that everyone is in on this. This is just the beginning. Corruption in the hands of a so-called justice is not justice. Our sovereignty as independent women is at stake. My body is my CHOICE. “One person asked,” Where can I donate for this child and his group to continue? ”

A second user suggested, “If 1,000,000 people a day filled in the captcha box, it would still overwhelm them.”

“SEAN is UPDATING THE SITE … FOLLOW HIM @ black_madness21 Sean Black Follow-up message 293 Following 55.2K Followers 1.1M Likes I’m back and ready to hand out some Ls,” added the third.


Meanwhile, other people also condemned the group Texas Right to Life. Hammett, a 22-year-old TikTok creator, said: “Texas has anonymously established a system where people who have had an abortion can be reported. Wouldn’t it be so terrible if we sent a bunch of fake advice and blocked the site? Like, ‘Greg Abbott’s ass sucks.’ Julianna, 18, of Texas, added: “I heard about this website and I thought, ‘We have to do everything we can if they are going to use the Internet against us – the same people who grew up on the Internet.’