Who is Steven Poherence? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Career, Incident

Who is Steven Poherence? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Career, Incident Details, Video, Suspended, Investigations, Net Worth, Instagram

Steven Poherence Wiki – Biography

A Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Steven Poherence suspended after filmed pushing a demonstrator on his knees during a George Floyd protest on Sunday, according to a statement.

Officer Steven Pohorence marching towards the people, who were opposing the killings of black people by police days after the murder of 46-year-old George Floyd, before pushing the woman who was bending on the ground with her hands up.
Shortly after pushing the woman, the officer’s co-workers quickly pushed him away and down the street. In the video, demonstrators could heard thanking his colleague for saving the protester.


Steven’s age is unknown.

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The target of a Criminal Investigation

Policeman Steven Poherence is also the target of a criminal investigation by the Florida Police Department over the occurrence, which happened after many days of demonstrations after Floyd’s passing in custody at the Minneapolis visa, reported WSVN-TV. The video of the incident on the cell phone shows Poherance yelling at the protesters before turning and walking away from the camera.

Steven Holding a Black Lives Matter Sign

When he reaches the kneeling woman, who is holding a Black Lives Matter symbol, the policeman pushes her to the floor and remains walking – then he is taken by another officer. “A white police officer shoots a girl who is already on her knees, but a police officer from QUEEN NEGRA comes in to take a look,” wrote Willie Loud, who recorded the video on Twitter. Loud later told the WSVN that “when that happened, that sort of thing started the rage and everything. It at that point that everything turned to the worst.” The battered woman also thanked the other police officer on Twitter, according to the media.

“Very unfair how he treated me, especially with a peaceful protest !! I CAN TALK MUCH BECAUSE IT TAKEN A LEGAL ACTION, BUT I WANTED TO SAY A HIGE [SIC] THANK YOU TO KRYSTAL SMITH OF FORT LAUDERDALE POLICE,” wrote the woman, who was not identified.

Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione Statement

Fort Lauderdale police chief Rick Maglione told a news conference that “it a logical conclusion” that the occurrence sparked demonstrations and became a peaceful protest into another confrontation with the police, who used tear gas and rubber bullets to stop the fire exception.
But Maglione saw that there were other encounters during the day, including rebels jumping in a policeman’s car and smashing the window.

However, he said that Poherence “had removed from all contact with the public”.

“He relieved of his duties mainly when the matter under investigation,” said the chief. “He will be investigated first to see if any Florida laws have been violated.”